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Eric Berg * H.B. Pier

Eric & Steve * H.B. Pier

Bob Dowd * H.B. Pier

Todd Stockwell * H.B. Pier

Stephen Shepard * H.B. Pier

Ryan Goering * H.B. Pier

Ron Kaplan * H.B. Pier

Rebecca Wang * H.B. Pier

Quinten Hegberg * H.B. Pier

Brian Patch Klein * H.B. Pier

Matt Harty * H.B. Pier

Louis Rice * H.B. Pier

James Williams * H.B. Pier

Dave Pacheco * H.B. Pier

Charles Javer * H.B. Pier

Alex The Pool Guy * H.B. Pier

O.P. Pro Riots H.B. Pier

Lance Albright * H.B. Pier

Kekai Kaaialii Kamai* H.B. Pier

John Mitchell * H.B. Pier

Jae Lim * H.B. Pier

Bob & Wally Harvel * H.B. Pier

George Shinrock * H.B. Pier

Gary Neske * H.B. Pier

Dean Quinn * H.B. Pier

Chucky Rigano * H.B. Pier

Bob Perkins * H.B. Pier

Bill Brewer * H.B. Pier

Eric Martiny * H.B. Pier

Manny Quintana * H.B. Pier

Jeff Hamilton * H.B. Pier

Brian Lockhart * H.B. Pier




























































































John Lyman Photos

March 2015

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*Updated surfing forecast for Huntington Beach*

WNW-NW swell fades slightly but looks like fun surf will still show at the standouts

Forecast Overview

Not much change in our surf on Wednesday. The mix of overlapping WNW swells will continue with the main swell backing down and some reinforcements moving in to help prop up the remnants. Our weather will also warm up a bit more along with a mix of mostly offshore flow setting up for the morning.

The Swell

Wednesday will have a few pulses of WNW-NW energy (280-300)…the main swell, which peaked early on Tuesday, will be slowly fading, but as it drops a mix of both WNW and NW windswells (285-300) will move in to help replace the energy we are losing. At the same time there will be some slightly stronger S-SSW swell in the water (180-210)…it won’t be a huge wave maker but it will have picked up a little more size compared to the last couple of days and will help to offer up a few more combo shaped peaks at the standout exposed spots.

The Surf

The surf dips down slightly on Wednesday…the average spots will hang in the knee-chest high range with some shoulder high sets slinking around during the lower tides. The standout WNW-NW facing breaks and excellent combo spots will have more consistent waist-shoulder high surf with a few shoulder-head high sets still showing during the morning.

The Weather

Sunny skies and cool morning temps will be on tap for Wednesday. The clear skies and relatively light mid-morning winds will help to warm up beach temps a few more degrees as well. Look for a mix of N winds around 5-8 knots blowing through Santa Barbara, Ventura, and LA Counties. OC and San Diego will see winds hook around a slight eddy low in the basin that will bring their winds in from the ESE-E around 2-5 knots. All areas will have increasing onshore flow from the W around 10-15 knots as we move through the afternoon.

The Skinny

Wednesday will have a better mix of conditions…and what looks like a longer surf window for many of our beaches. Overall the surf will be playful, not particularly big or critical, but with enough energy still swirling around that the better exposed spots will be fun. I would continue to concentrate on the good WNW-NW facing beaches, they will have the most size and consistency, however the decent combo beach breaks will be a solid fallback plan, particularly if you can time the tides and the winds just right.

Check out the complete long range surfing forecast at


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March 1, 2015 * H.B. Pier


February 27, 2015 * H.B. Pier

February 25, 2015 * H.B. Pier

February 24, 2015 * H.B. Pier

February 12, 2015 * H.B. Pier

February 10, 2015 * H.B. Pier

February 8, 2015 * H.B. Pier

February 4, 2015 * H.B. Pier Afternoon Session


January 28, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 27, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 25, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 24, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 22, 2015 * Afternoon Session * H.B. Pier

January 22, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 21, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 20, 2015 * Afternoon Session * H.B. Pier

January 20, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 18, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 17, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 15, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 14, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 13, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 10, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 9, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 8, 2015 * H.B. Pier


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