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O.P. Pro Riots H.B. Pier

Andy Raptis * H.B. Pier

Glenn Norman * H.B. Pier

Sam Fullerton * H.B. Pier

Lance Albright * H.B. Pier

Kekai Kaaialii Kamai* H.B. Pier

John Mitchell * H.B. Pier

Jae Lim * H.B. Pier

Brett Hickman * H.B. Pier

Bob & Wally Harvel * H.B. Pier

Gilbert Roybal * H.B. Pier

George Shinrock * H.B. Pier

Gary Neske * H.B. Pier

Chris Hodson * H.B. Pier

Doug Anderson * H.B. Pier

Dean Quinn * H.B. Pier

Chucky Rigano * H.B. Pier

Sean Rathan * H.B. Pier

Bob Perkins * H.B. Pier

Bill Brewer * H.B. Pier

Eric Martiny * H.B. Pier

Manny Quintana * H.B. Pier

Jeff Hamilton * H.B. Pier

Brian Lockhart * H.B. Pier




























































































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January 2015


June 2014 Surfing Highlights From The H.B. Pier

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*Updated surfing forecast for Huntington Beach*

WNW-NW swell slowly fades on Wednesday but fun surf sticks around through the day

Forecast Overview

Wednesday is looking like a pretty decent surf day for the better WNW facing spots. The swell mix will be slowly fading but there will be plenty of energy holding through the morning that will keep things playful and even good sized at the winter breaks.

The Swell

The WNW-NW swell (280-300) will continue to be the dominant swell in the water on Wednesday…but it will be losing a little steam as both the overall size and the swell periods back down. A new SSW-SW swell (200-220) will be moving up in the background but it looks like it will be mostly rolled over by the bigger North Pacific energy.

The Surf

The dawn patrol may be a little slow on Wednesday (thanks to a 5’+ high tide that peaks around 4am)…but it should really only hurt the tide-sensitive spots. The rest of the breaks that can stand a little extra water will have rideable waves and will see shape improve as we move toward the lower tide later in the day. Surfwise look for the average WNW-NW facing spots to be in the waist-shoulder high range with a few inconsistent bigger sets starting to pop up once the tide backs down. The standout WNW-NW spots and excellent combo breaks will be in the chest-head high range on most of the sets but will also get a boost through mid-morning on the lower tides. Unfortunately the swell is fading so expect the surf to gradually weaken as we move through the second half of the day.

The Weather

Clean conditions and mostly sunny skies will start us off on Wednesday. Santa Barbara through LA County will have a mix of light ENE-NE winds in the 3-5 knot range for the first part of the day, though there may be the occasional stronger gust near the usually windier passes and canyons. OC and San Diego will have mostly calm to light offshore winds from the ENE…most of the beaches in those areas will have winds below 2-knots but there may be some stronger offshore flow around Northern SD. All areas will see a mix of modest onshore flow develop later in the afternoon…eventually pushing in some bump from the W around 5-10 knots.

The Skinny

Expect the fun surf to continue to show at the better WNW-NW facing spots and good combo breaks on Wednesday. It will be a little smaller and a little sluggish as we move through the early morning session. The softer start is mostly due to mix of slowly fading WNW-NW energy and the bigger 5’+ high tide that peaks a couple of hours before sunrise. The good news is that the tide will drop as we move through the morning and mid-morning, while our conditions remain clean…so we will get a decent crack at the remaining swell energy before the afternoon winds begin to chunk it up too much. Your best bet will be to focus your search at the well-exposed WNW-NW facing spots they will see the most size and consistency. The combo beach breaks may start to work a little better as the tide evens out and the new (but small) SSW-SW swell starts to blend into the background…but I am still expecting the best, most workable shape to be at the WNW-NW facing points and reefs.

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January 27, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 25, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 24, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 22, 2015 * Afternoon Session * H.B. Pier

January 22, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 21, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 20, 2015 * Afternoon Session * H.B. Pier

January 20, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 18, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 17, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 15, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 14, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 13, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 10, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 9, 2015 * H.B. Pier

January 8, 2015 * H.B. Pier


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