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Brandon Tipton * H.B. Pier

Lexi Grinpas * H.B. Pier

Mike Brady * H.B. Pier

George Villano * H.B. Pier

Jeff Smith * H.B. Pier

Eric Martiny * H.B. Pier

Lightening Bolt * H.B. Pier

Lewis Riffle * H.B. Pier

Manny Quintana * H.B. Pier

Jeff Hamilton * H.B. Pier

Brian Lockhart * H.B. Pier



























































































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December 2014


June 2014 Surfing Highlights From The H.B. Pier

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*Updated surfing forecast for Huntington Beach*

A lot more WNW-NW swell to go with a little more rain on Tuesday

Forecast Overview

New WNW-NW swell continues to fill in on Tuesday while yet another cold front pushes over the region bringing in rain and increasing wind along with the building surf. Overall, thanks to track of the storm, it looks like we will see manageable conditions…sure it will be a little soggy as some more rain falls across the region, but the winds will blow out of the E-ESE-SE through most of the morning, which will open up at least a few surf windows…as long as a little rain doesn’t bother you.

The Swell

While the swell from the weekend fades out a new, longer-period WNW-NW swell (285-300) has been building throughout the day on Monday.

This new swell will continue to fill in overnight, while mixing with a touch of S-SW background energy, all of which will mostly peak late Tuesday afternoon. This new WNW-NW’er is looking like a pretty powerful swell…and we can expect solid surf heights at the better NW facing winter spots throughout Socal over the next couple of days.

The Surf

Look for the W and NW facing spots to get a jump in size as we move into Tuesday and the new swell continues to fill in. This swell has a little bit more organized swell direction so we won’t see waves coming is quite as widespread (or as mixed up) as the swell last week…however this one does look cleaner, with a few longer gaps between the bigger set waves. Also thanks to the longer swell periods we can expect the swell to wrap into some of the lesser exposed spots, kicking up a few bigger waves along those focal points until the swell periods start to back down. Sizewise the average WNW-NW facing spots and ok combo breaks will be in the shoulder-overhead range with some occasional bigger sets mixing in on the lower tides. The standout NW facing spots, mostly in Ventura, the South Bay, and parts of Southern San Diego, will have more consistent overhead+ surf with waves going several feet overhead (and even bigger) as the largest sets move in. Again expect this swell to be a little more finicky and even a touch inconsistent compared to most stormy swells, however don’t plan on sitting and waiting very long for sets, there will be plenty of them out there.

The Weather

Cloudy skies and a chance for rain will remain in the forecast for Tuesday. Right now it doesn’t look like this storm will be as wet or wild up next to the coast (like the one last week) but it will still add some additional showers to some areas, particularly regions with S facing slopes or foothills near the beach. Overall winds will be blowing out of the E-SE in the morning however wind speeds will be pretty varied as you move from county to county. Santa Barbara and Ventura look to have the strongest winds with easterly flow in the 10-15 knot range along with some occasional stronger gusts. LA, OC and SD will have a mixed blend of ESE-SE winds but with speeds in the 5-10+ knot range. All areas will see winds shift more to the SW-W around 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

The Skinny

Tuesday looks like a pretty solid surf day…a little soggy thanks to the passing storm…but still good sized and mostly clean. While we will have some funky weather it is worth pointing out that this new round of WNW-NW energy is a lot more organized than last week’s stormswell. This new shot of energy had some quality time while travelling our direction to become more organized with the swell-periods getting a chance to space themselves out. This organization will change the basic characteristics of the swell…so while last week we basically got a shotgun-blast of stormswell all along the coast, this new swell will have more power to go with longer-periods that can wrap and bend into areas that are at least partially shadowed, or better yet it can focus additional energy into the already exposed standouts creating bigger and more consistent surf. The weather and beach conditions will not be all that great, but if your spots don’t mind the wind (and you don’t mind the rain) it looks like your best bet will be to head to the NW facing standouts in the morning…you should be able to pick off some good sized ones before the winds start to breakdown and turn onshore. With this much energy in the water I would look to the points and reefs for the best shape, they will be able to string together longer more workable waves…the better beach breaks will be rideable too, but expect more closeouts on the bigger sets and quite a bit of water moving around once the current gets going.

Check out the complete long range surfing forecast at


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December 15, 2014 * H.B. Pier

December 13, 2014 * H.B. Pier

December 11, 2014 * H.B. Pier

December 10, 2014 * H.B. Pier

December 9, 2014 * H.B. Pier

December 6, 2014 * H.B. Pier

December 1, 2014 * H.B. Pier


November 29, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 28, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 26, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 25, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 24, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 23, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 22, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 21, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 20, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 17, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 16, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 15, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 13, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 12, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 8, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 7, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 6, 2014 * H.B. Pier

November 5, 2014 * H.B. Pier


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