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Jeff Smith * H.B. Pier

John Zimmerman * H.B. Pier

Eric Martiny * H.B. Pier

Bob Means * H.B. Pier

Lightening Bolt * H.B. Pier

Lewis Riffle * H.B. Pier

Manny Quintana * H.B. Pier

Rick Ayers * H.B. Pier

Rich Seidel * H.B. Pier

Jeff Hamilton * H.B. Pier

George Draper Birthday

Chris Harsh * H.B. Pier

R.A. Allman * H.B. Pier

Jon Suzuki * H.B. Pier

Brian Lockhart * H.B. Pier



























































































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October 2014


June 2014 Surfing Highlights From The H.B. Pier

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*Updated surfing forecast for Huntington Beach*

Weather starts to feel a bit more like Fall on Friday…still a few rideable waves sticking around for the morning

Forecast Overview

Halloween will continue to see some rideable waves as we move through the morning but an approaching cold front will drive in a little more onshore wind, a little drizzle and some areas of patchy fog. Overall the morning conditions will still be manageable, but it doesn’t look like they will stay that way.

The Swell

Friday will start off with holding/slowly fading WNW-NW swell (285-300)…it won’t actually be losing much size, but the swell periods will be shortening up, which will draw down some of the power and kick the swell was showing on Wednesday. There will also be some NW windswell and small S-SW swells holding in the background…with a new long-period (but small) SW swell (200-220) starting to arrive by late in the day.

The Surf

While most spots stay about the same size, expect the consistency and the push of the swell mix to lose a step on Friday. The average spots will continue to hang around knee-waist high with some chest high sets, particularly during the lower tides. The standout WNW-NW facing spots and excellent WNW/SW combo breaks will have some knee-chest high surf with less consistent shoulder high sets lurking around the lower parts of the tide swing. Look for weaker surf as we move through the midday tide, but building windswell (and onshore winds) will begin to hit later in the evening, not that it will mean much to our surf by then…I just felt like I should throw that in there.

The Weather

Friday will have cloudy skies with some partial clearing expected in the afternoon. It looks like one of the frontal bands of the approaching cold front will begin to swing over the region starting Friday morning…it will bring the grey skies and pockets of drizzle and fog that will be scattered about the coast as we start the day. This will pass, or deflect, around us as head into the afternoon, but as the clouds break up the onshore winds are forecast to increase. We can expect the morning winds to be mostly light/variable with some touches of southerly/onshore flow for the more exposed areas, speeds will be in the 2-5 knot range. Look for building SW-WSW winds in the 10-14 knot range as we head into the afternoon. A stronger cold front and junkier winds are expected to arrive late Friday night and carry over into Saturday.

The Skinny

Friday, while rideable, will have some issues that we will have to work through. The weather and the tides will both play big roles in the quality and shape of the incoming swell. Right now it looks like the morning is going to be the best call…the winds will be lighter, the swell will have a little more energy, and the tides, while not great, will still drop to a more manageable level as we head toward mid-morning. The kicker is going to be this initial cold front that arrives through the day…depending on where you are and how strong the front actually is when it reaches the coast will pretty much determine which of our breaks will have the best mix of swell exposure, wind protection, and tide sensitivity. Unfortunately you will need to dial in all three to get a fairly decent session…otherwise you will be looking at a smaller softer tide mush. The good news is that the approaching front is slowing down, so I would spend a couple of minutes checking the cameras and wind stations to see how the weather is shaping up in the morning, if the front can linger offshore for a little longer we may actually be able to pick off some better shaped waves in the morning.

Check out the complete long range surfing forecast at


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September 30, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 28, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 24, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 22, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 16, 2014 * H.B. Pier * Afternoon Sesion

September 16, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 15, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 12, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 11, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 10, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 9, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 8, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 7, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 6, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 5, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 4, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 3, 2014 * H.B. Pier

September 2, 2014 * H.B. Pier


August 29, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 28, 2014 *The Wedge

August 27, 2014 *The Wedge * Afternoon Session

August 27, 2014 *The Wedge

August 26, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 24, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 22, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 21, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 20, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 18, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 16, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 15, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 14, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 13, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 12, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 11, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 9, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 7, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 6, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 5, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 4, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 3, 2014 * H.B. Pier

August 1, 2014 * H.B. Pier


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