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Bob Means * H.B. Pier

Thorston & Quinten Hegberg * H.B. Pier

Sean Jensen * H.B. Pier

Lance Albright * H.B. Pier

Josh Garrison * H.B. Pier

Doug Anderson * H.B. Pier

Brett Hickman * H.B. Pier

John Kole * H.B. Pier

Todd Stockwell * H.B. Pier

Mike Huseman * H.B. Pier

Jacob Baker * H.B. Pier

Christine August * H.B. Pier / Costa Rica

Denny Smith * H.B. Pier

Chris Hodson * H.B. Pier

Cheddi Sean Rathan * H.B. Pier

Tom Sullivan * H.B. Pier

Matt Harty * H.B. Pier

Mark Van Rossems * H.B. Pier

Lexi Grinpas * H.B. Pier

Kevin Kirby * H.B. Pier

Cliff White-Kjoss * H.B. Pier

Gary Neske * H.B. Pier

Donnie Dumain * H.B. Pier

Cary Sufficool * H.B. Pier

Andy Raptis * H.B. Pier





























































































John Lyman Photos

February 2016

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John Lyman Photos

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The Surf & Weather Forecast for

Southern California

February 4, 2016



Solid WNW (280-300) that arrived Thursday will peak Friday with some decent size and good conditions.  The current weather pattern is going to mean offshores and good conditions through the weekend as the swell eases.  Another pulse of WNW (280-300) arrives Tuesday to maintain moderate sized surf through mid-next week.  Another big one due for late next week too.  Read more for details.

Get the live buoy forecast graph here –

A solid pulse of WNW picks up Thursday.  Friday is looking like a surf day, and if you can take the day off you might want to do that.  Wave heights are expected to be running chest high to overhead+ along the exposed coast with head high to well overhead surf at standouts.

Size will ease over the weekend with more moderate surf, but the conditions should hold so it will be fun.  There will also be a small S-SSW (185-195) arriving on Saturday building to a 2 foot peak on Sunday and Monday.  Wave heights at S-SW exposures could see some knee to chest high waves from this one.

Another storm system is going to brew a couple thousand miles NW of Socal over the weekend.  This one looks a bit weaker and a little farther NW, but the fetch is still able to generate 35+ foot seas with a good trajectory for Central California.  The resulting WNW (275-295) will arrive Tuesday morning with 18 second forerunners.  It’s expected to build to a 2 to 4 foot peak with 14-15 second periods Wednesday blending with leftovers from the weekend.  that should mean the surf will continue running knee to chest high with a few shoulder to head high sets at standouts through midweek with decent conditions.

Tropical Overview

Tropical season officially over.


North Pacific Swell Forecast

The weather is a little questionable for late next week, but regardless we should see our next bigger swell arriving next Thursday/Friday.

It will be preceded by a small W-WSW (250-270) which is looking fairly trivial at this point, but the larger swell will come from a system expected to strengthen as it crosses the dateline this late in the weekend.  This is looking like a very broad upper low, with hurricane force winds developing 40-45+ foot seas. it starts off a little high in latitude but as it progresses east with the jet stream it drops more into the Socal window.

It starts to lose strength as it passes north of Hawaii mid-next week, but as you can see it works its way much further south.  This could be another solid one for California.  The forerunners are supposed to be around 22-24 seconds arriving mid-day Thursday in Central California and likely late Thursday for Socal.  The swell will build to a peak on Friday/Saturday it looks like, hard to say how big at this point, but should be pretty solid, with large surf for Central California, and moderate to plus sized surf for Socal.  Still too early to call the details but I’ll keep an eye on it.  Further out, another system starts to brew in the NW Pacific mid to late next week, and could mean another pulse for around the 15th.

Stay tuned

South Pacific Swell Forecast

Minimal action in the south Pacific right now.

The next long-range forecast will be posted on Monday, February 8, 2016.

Austin Gendron
Surf Forecaster

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February 6, 2016 H.B. Pier

February 5, 2016 H.B. Pier


January 29. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 26. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 25. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 24. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 22. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 21. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 17. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 13. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 12. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 9. 2016 * H.B.Pier

January 8. 2016 * H.B.Pier


December 30, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 26, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 24, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 21, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 20, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 15, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 9, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 8, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 7, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 6, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 5, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 4, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 3, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 2, 2015 * H.B. Pier

December 1, 2015 * H.B. Pier


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