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Charles Javer * H.B. Pier

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July 2014


June 2014 Surfing Highlights From The H.B. Pier

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*Updated surfing forecast for Huntington Beach*

Southern Hemi swells and local windswell keep pushing in a few playful waves

Forecast Overview

Tuesday will have a mix of small, but playful surf and mostly clean morning conditions. Expect the surf to be a little weak and inconsistent at times through the start of the day, but select spots will begin to see a boost of both new SW energy and some building tropical SE swell late in the afternoon.

The Swell

Our current mix of swells will hold as we move into Tuesday morning. As we start the day we can expect a blend of S-SW swell (180-220) and some background NW windswell (290-300). New SW swell (210-220) will begin to show some inconsistent sets later in the afternoon…while at the same time we will also begin to see a few SE lines (160) from former Hurricane Hernan. The short-lived tropical SE swell will fill in more overnight and peak early on Wednesday.

The Surf

Wave heights will basically hold into Tuesday…losing a little bit of their punch in the morning as the swell period drops, but still hanging on to most of the size thanks to the light winds and the little kick we get from the tide push. More energy will be arriving late in the day, but don’t expect it to move the wave height needle too much…most of that new SW and SE swell will fill in more overnight and show better on Wednesday.

The Weather

We will see some low clouds and weak pockets of moisture along the coast overnight but these will clear out pretty fast leaving us with mostly sunny skies on Tuesday. We can expect mostly clean conditions in the morning with variable winds in the 1-2 knot range and even a few patches of light offshore flow for the really lucky beaches. Onshore winds will increase as we move through the middle of the day, eventually pushing in from the WNW-NW around 10-14 knots by the early afternoon.

The Skinny

Tuesday will be a pretty typical summer surf day with warm beach temps and mostly small/inconsistent lines showing for most of our beaches. The swell mix, while not that impressive, will still have a few more workable waves showing at the well exposed S-SW facing spots…but even the top breaks will suffer from the occasional lull especially as the tide and onshore wind build in. The new SW and SE swells will try to add a little more kick to the surf later in the day, but it doesn’t look like they will be able to put much on the SW/SE facing beaches until almost sundown, so really we shouldn’t be expecting much from them on Tuesday. Look for the morning to have the best shape and conditions thanks to the combo of light winds and early-morning low tides.

Tropical Update: Hernan, who was a hurricane for about a 3/4 of a day over the weekend, has already backed down to a tropical storm and is likely to be downgraded to a tropical depression sometime tonight. I am expecting some waist-chest high+ tropical SE-SSE swell (160-170) that will basically hit just North OC (though North LA and Southern Ventura will see some smaller trace amounts of swell too). Look for the peak of that tropical energy to show early Wednesday morning and then taper off by Wednesday afternoon.

Check out the complete long range surfing forecast at


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July 18, 2014 * H.B. Pier

July 17, 2014 * H.B. Pier

July 14, 2014 * H.B. Pier

July 9, 2014 * H.B. Pier

July 8, 2014 * H.B. Pier

July 7, 2014 * H.B. Pier

July 6, 2014 * H.B. Pier

July 3, 2014 * H.B. Pier

July 2, 2014 * H.B. Pier

July 1, 2014 * H.B. Pier


June 29, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 26, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 25, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 24, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 23, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 20, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 19, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 14, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 13, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 12, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 10, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 6, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 3, 2014 * H.B. Pier

June 1, 2014 * H.B. Pier


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